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Showcase your brains, brawn and beauty. Fashion, personality, photography, quizzes and money business highlight this category.


Vulgarity in any form would lead to disqualifications.

Participants should bring their audio tracks in a pen drive and a scratch free CD in .mp3 format only with their names and college name written on it.

Participants must report 1 hour before time, if not they are subject to disqualification.

Participants are required to contact the event head 1 hour prior to the event.

Entries submitted for the videography and photography competitions will be the property of Pillai's Alegria.

Decision of judges is final.

Those who fail to abide by the rules shall be disqualified.

PR points will be given to each institute through participation of students for entry and for winning the events; the institute collecting the most PR points will be awarded. (Only for non MES institutes).

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