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One player can only represent one team. No player can play for 2 teams in any situation.

Umpire's / Referee's decision would be considered final.

Participants are requested to report 1 hour prior to their respective matches. In case of any delay the team would be disqualified.

Any misconduct caused during the game or in the tournament premises will not be entertained and can lead to disqualification and also further action.

Participants cannot wear studs or any other shoes that may harm the synthetic turf field.

All the sports and gaming teams can be from a composite campus. For eg. Students from Pillai college of Architecture can form a team with Pillai Institute of Information Technology.

Re-entries are allowed for selected events only. And re-entries will be taken only for the first round only.

Respective college ID is necessary for entry and participating in event.This clause is only applicable to sports and gaming events.

Every event would have a gaming element in it which would bring additions to the rules and regulations.