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Participants have to report at the venue 15 mins prior to the start of the event.

In case of a clash with parallel events in the campus, participants should notify the respective event heads in advance to avoid delays; failing to do so would lead to disqualification.

Any damage to the Institute Infrastructure will be dealt seriously.

Disqualified teams are ineligible for refund under any circumstances.

No software is allowed to be installed on the computers, only Plug and Play devices are allowed. Once a participant enters the lab, he/she is not allowed to exit the lab without the permission of the event head(s).

“Mechano-kits” are not allowed for Robotic events.

Robot-damage during the events will be the sole responsibility of the participants. In case of any damage to the robot, the team will be given 30mins deadline to conduct repairs, failing which the respective team needs to re-apply with the re-payment of the entry fee to contest further.

There cannot be any team member common between any two teams for a particular event.

In case of a tie (either in terms of points or time), a tie-breaker round would be conducted. If there is a tie again, there will be a toss.

The decision of the event heads in consultation with the contest judges will be final and binding.

Any individual caught misbehaving with the organizers, volunteers or other participants and/or causing intentional damage to any setup will be dealt seriously and will be immediately debarred from that particular event and from all further events inside the campus.

PR points will be given to each institute through participation of students for entry and for winning the events; the institute collecting the most PR points will be awarded. (Only for non MES institutes)