Day: February 25, 2017

VIAN FERNANDES – Visitors at #Sector16

Vian Fernandes – Tilby Susan Thomas Music has no boundaries or limitations. It surpasses every barrier and every obstacle to narrate its own story. Music understands just one universal language- the language of the soul. Each note, each cadence is like the beat pulsing through our veins. Music opens up various dimensions to give a […]

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LISA ZIMOUCHE – Visitors at #Sector16

Lisa Zimouche – Birjis Patel Soccer is a world renowned sport and a passion for billions of people across the globe. But when we look at it as a career choice for women, anywhere in the world, one can’t deny that it’s not the most conventional or bankable option. Sadly, one doesn’t take soccer as a […]

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ARTHI VENKATESH – Visitors at #Sector16

Arthi Venkatesh – Diksharth Jage The qualities that characterise a lady are quick wit combined with attractive looks, a kind heart and a killer attitude to carry it off. One lady who exemplifies all these qualities is renowned fashion model Arthi Ventakesh. This beauty with brains sets the ramp on fire with her confidence and panache. […]

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