7 Bantaiz at Pillai’s Alegria to Judge Rapping Competition

-Shreya Marar

The rap scene in India is at its zenith right now. There have been a number of torchbearers who’ve made this surge of hiphop possible throughout India. Dharavi, India’s largest slum area gave it’s youth a different sort of heroes they are 7 Baintaiz who are the local rappers there. 7 Bantaiz gave an artistic iceberg in Dharavi. The most interesting thing about them is that rap comes in several different languages. It’s a buffet of rap and it will put others to shame.

7 Bantaiz is made up of Crackpot (Aditya Vhatkar), Yoku BIG (Yogesh Kurme), Lil Damn (Siddesh Jammi), Bonz n Ribz (Nishant Mohite), Mr Scam (David Klyton), and Beat Slayer (Abhishek Kurme). Together all these crews have united under one name, Dharavi United. They wanted to make the right kind of hip hop noise which started out from the rap ” Achanak Bhayanak” which kick-started their crew. They made a new soundtrack “Ajoobe” which was launched by Netflix. 7 Bantaiz has created their identity in our hearts with their rap in which they offer a window into their world with songs like ” Yedechali” and ” Sorry to my mom”. Alegria 2020 is all ready to welcome them with open hearts to our Dreamland which will be light up with love and joy for them as they join us on 4th February 2020!! Don’t miss out on your chance to witness such talented crew in our very own Pillai College!!

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