Alegria is one of the biggest Events in the whole of Navi Mumbai where students from all over Mumbai come to have a blast. This event hosted by Pillai is bombarded with celebrities shining right through the night and performances put up by very talented students from our college. It gives alot of opportunity to so many students to showcase their talent and do something that they are best at. To live their dream.

And just like every year, 2017 raised the Alegrian bar again. The theme for the 5th Alegrian year was the kingdom of Games. A unique theme that explored the world of games, be it online gaming or field games. The installations were something to look out for and the theme based opening took every gaming freak down Memory Lane.

Just like every year, Alegria hosts a huge number of cultural events as well. From solo dancing to grouped dancing, acting, singing. On the whole, the Alegrian crowd was entertained by magical performances the whole week.

Celebrities are the Alegrian forte. Monica Dogra, Shibani Dandekar, Varun Tejwani, Govinda glorified the Alegrian campus.

The DJ nights were euphoric, colorful and had the crowd on their feet. The first DJ night was opened by Lost stories with a follow up by the bass king Nucelya and the second day was opened by Teri Miko and world famous Quintino. The crowd went berserk to every beat given by the dj’s.

All in all the 2017 Alegrian show was a massive hit from the showcasing of the MES talent to the grooving to Govinda’s Charming moves. From being awestruck by Monica Dogra’s amazing singing skills to cheering for their favourite dancing team. Alegria never lets their audience down.

Keeping up the tradition of being the biggest college festival, Pillai’s ALEGRIA yet again mesmerized everyone with its 2016 edition. As promised, it lived up to its name and expectation and went on being  grander than the previous one.

The theme for the year was WANDERLUST. Just like someone gets consumed by wanderlust, Alegria 2016 too managed to absorb the audience in its festivities. From a wide range of events and workshops to a stellar line of celebrities to boast about, this year was certainly a notch higher.

The opening ceremony itself saw commander Abhilash Tommy making his presence felt as the festivities began. The talented artistes from the student population yet again put up a splendid display in the numerous events, right from solo singing and grooving to the beat to the literary competitions, war of DJs and so on.

This edition went on getting bigger with the likes of Sonam Kapoor, hiphop sensations 13.13 crew and band Moksh among others gracing our event. If this wasn’t enough, the DJ lineup this year saw world #96 Mike Candys and Candice Redding enthrall the audience, whose tempo was later kept up by DJ Aqeel and ‘Bass raja’ Nucleya. Setting a benchmark yet again, Alegria 2016 ended with a promise of being much bigger the next year.

Alegria , is a blessing for thousands of college students to feel the beat of their heart and prove their talents by showering their immense love and active participation in variety of events. There is a never-ending zeal and fire ignited in the soul of campus during the week of Alegria. Just as the name, one never feels the void of joy and experiences amazing fun adding memories to their college life..!

Life flooded with western style, culture and tradition was the theme of Alegria 2015 where in mesmerizing events like fashion show, solo singing, dancing and cuisine competitions had an entire taste of “WESTERN LIFE”. That year revealed of what “WESTERN” word solely feels like..!Everyone’s nerve danced on the beats of one of the famous DJ CHETAS who rocked on DJ nights. College was set on fire with the stunning presence of SULTAN and SHEPARD who played EDM nights. There was a
fragrance in the campus alive by the voice of VISHAL and SHEKHAR who performed their musical composition beyond perfection and left hearts wander in their musical world. All the celebrities whole-heartedly enjoyed the Alegria..!

Just like every year, Alegria never loses to thrill everyone. It ended with curing numerous cold hearts turning alive and a crave of passion worth inspiring for! Everyone had their hearts filled with enthusiasm and joy worth cherishing for and kept a promise to keep this


Alegria-the biggest college festival in Navi Mumbai brings warmth to the cold lives of students and everybody else as well. It creates a different level of excitement in students altogether and also provides a very big platform for them to showcase the amazing talents they possess. Be it singing or dancing, rapping or b-boying, Alegria has all of it covered.

The team of Alegria 2k13 had already set a benchmark for the second installment of Alegria. The theme being Indie style, everything from installments to flash mobs, had a spark of the fun filled Indian lifestyle in it. Alegria 2k14 was star studded with celebrities like Rakul Preet Singh, Elli Avram and Ashwini Ponnappa who mesmerized everyone with their beauty and charisma. It also saw the presence of Murali kumar-Mr.Asia,and pradeep ramesh, who bedazzled everyone with their football freestyling skills.

Rap sensation Yo Yo Honey singh and Farhan Akhtar set the stage on fire with their
performances.International Djs Allure and Yves V made people go berserk with their insane bass drops.

Although short lived,Alegria 2k14 ended on a high with a promise of being bigger and grander in the
years to come.

The city of Navi Mumbai was first introduced to the culture of college festivals when Pillai’s group of colleges found this extra ordinary and entertaining festival called ‘Alegria- The Festival of Joy’. The origin of the term “Alegria” is Spanish and it loosely translates into joy, happiness or cheer. And the vibe of Alegria is nothing short of joy. Alegria is the brainchild of Pillai’s group of colleges’ CEO Franav Pillai and Pillai’s group of colleges was one of its kind to have established a festival of this big a stature and scale. It was set up in a manner which was both intriguing and exciting.

With a theme like ‘Out of the box’, it surely did surpass all the expectations and enjoyed the wide acceptance from everyone. It not only made them asking for more but also the expectations were sky high. Celebrities such as Jacky Bhagnani and Suresh Menon graced the first year of Alegria and were stunned by the euphoria. The campus was filled with creative and queer installations and everyone everywhere was having fun and learning the most enriching skills.

We had top notch musicians such as DJ Suketu, DJ Rink, DJ Dev among others gracing the EDM and Bollywood nights with their talent and enthusiasm. Along with this, the entire campus had a range of events to offer and nurture one’s talent right from singing, to dancing, to literary, performing and
technical workshops. Alegria, in its first year itself, had set a great benchmark and went on to become a rage. It succeeded tremendously and kept getting bigger and better with each passing year.

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