Alegria 2020 Banner Unveiling Ceremony

Banner Unveiling Ceremony at Pillai’s Alegria 2020

Alegria-The Festival of Joy hosts many remarkable and exceptional events every year like concert night, EDM night, movie promotions, etc. But every year a banner unveiling ceremony is held to give this magical journey a kick-start. This year, Algeria 2020, was launched with a captivating flashmob where talented dancers performed for the excited crowd.
Nostalgia spread among everyone as they relived their childhood memories when they watched characters such as Harry Potter, Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie, the sisters from Frozen, Elsa and Anna along with Willy Wonka entertain them.

After such heartwarming performances the banner was unveiled in the most extravagant manner. Just when the crowd thought that the fun part was about to end, Pillai’s also celebrated the 50 years mark of MES.
An unexpected visit by none other than DJ Shaan awed the audience. He announced his tour of 20 performances in 2020 with his first one being in and at The Festival of Joy. This announcement made the crowd go crazy with excitement. Also, DJ Shaan took a memorable picture with the entire crowd.

The event saw a huge footfall with every Alegrian setting their with excitement and curiosity for this year’s Alegrian Dreamland.


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