Alegria 2k17 – Day 1

Alegria 2k17 – Day 1

The first day of Navi-Mumbai’s grandest and most awaited festival was as eventful and joyous as could be. Everyone was in their best element as the day everyone was working extremely hard for the past 6 months had finally arrived. The campus was full of amazing installations based on the theme and it indeed looked like a ‘Kingdom of Games’.

The festival started with a welcome dance. It was followed by a power-packed act by our very own dance group RTN. This was followed by an elegant dance performance by the Bollywood-inspired Columbian dance group Anjali which mesmerised everyone. Their energy, grace and stage presence left people captivated.


Dr Daphne Pillai (Chairperson of the management board, Pillai group of institutions) inaugurated the festival and threw it open to the students. The ceremony concluded with the felicitation of the guests which included eminent personalities such as Mr. Hemant Nagrale (police commissioner of Navi Mumbai), Mr. Madan Mohapatra (Head of strategy and operations, Future group), Mr. Sangram Mali and Mrs. Shweta Mali (Operator and Founder of Tej Gyan Foundation ‘Happy Thoughts’), Mr. Amardeep Singh (Managing director, Ronak advertising) and Mrs. Tina Singh, Mr. P.S. Chhatwal (Managing Director of Torque Pharmaceuticals), Mrs. Reecha Sinha (Managing director, Filmy Keeda Productions) and Ms. Shruti Yedla (Fashion Big Bazaar, Future group).


The Solo-Rapping competition which took place next was judged by Vian Fernandes. This competition brought out the hidden talents of students and the contestants entertained everyone with their amazing rapping skills. While the Rapping hit the correct beats of pop culture, the Solo Singing Competition turned the mood soulful and musical. This event was judged by the stunning and vivacious Monica Dogra. She not only judged the competition but also shared some of her thoughts on life, failure and success.

Here on, we had a DJ fusion (drum and bass) where we had none other than Tarang Singhal as our guest. We saw some amazing performances during the B-Boying Competition which was judged by Valerian Rampise. The final event of the day was the Folk Dance competition which began with another magical performance by Anjali. Thereafter, the participating groups brought to fore, the diverse and varied culture from different states of India. They left the audience spellbound with their performance which was the apt denouement to this wonderful day.

Apart from these, we also had numerous fun-filled technical and sports events as well which were enjoyed by everyone. Celebrities had a gala time playing the newly introduced game ‘Dunk Tank’. It was quite entertaining to watch the volunteers splash into the cold water. Events of all sorts were organised with a great amount of dedication, love and enthusiasm and were accepted by the students with immense excitement and joy. The energy level was unbeatable throughout the day and did not diminish even for a second. The vibe was positive and infectious. One could clearly see why Alegria is called the ‘festival of joy’.

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