Alegria 2k17 – Day 4

Alegria 2k17 – Day 4

The 4th day of Alegria was absolutely happening and eventful. It promised a number of exciting events which everyone was eagerly waiting for and the day began with an insane amount of energy. The campus saw a huge number of people turning up and showing their enthusiasm and sheer excitement.

The day started off with the Freestyle Solo Dance competition which saw a range of captivating dance styles. The participants dazzled and entertained the audiences with their unbelievable dance moves and star-like stage presence. This competition was judged by the talented and charming Luke Kenny. He encouraged the students to chase their dreams and follow their passion. He entertained the audience with his sharp wit and amazing sense of humour. The audience also had the wonderful chance to hear him sing a track from his movie Rock On.

The Freestyle Solo Dance competition was followed by the entertaining and fun Fitness Physique competition. A number of fitness enthusiasts took the campus by storm and showed off their workout regimes and their physique left all the boys in the audience inspired to get fit and start working out without any further delay. World Fitness Champions Moirangthem Robi and Suranjoy Singh were the judges for this competition who were impressed by the dedication of the young participants.

The extremely awaited event of the day in the pipeline had the Bollywood megastar Govinda gracing the campus to promote his upcoming movie “Aa Gaya Hero”. His entry drove the crowd into an excited frenzy and raised the energy levels infinitely. He danced to some of his hit numbers and also spoke about his upcoming movie. A video made by our students showed his journey through the titles of his numerous films. Our students also had a dance performance prepared specially for him. He was greeted with thunderous applause, love and warmth and his presence re-energised everyone.

The day had various other events too right from literally and fine arts, to technical events taking place in different parts of the campus.



Finally, after a lot of waiting and excitement, the night everyone was eagerly waiting for arrived. Bass Raja Nucleya returned to the stage of Alegria once again this year to take the campus by storm. This was preceded by the talented music duo Lost Stories who made India proud globally. It was nothing short of a blockbuster night! The stage was set, the crowd was super excited and the cheering just went on and on. The superstars of music enthralled everyone and then Nucleya drove the crowd crazy to his beats. Everyone danced till they couldn’t feel their legs and yet no one wanted the music to stop.

This amazing day came to an end with an energy level never seen before where the euphoria was at its peak and had everyone waiting with bated breath for the last and final day of Alegria2017.

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