Alegria – The Preview

Alegria – The Preview

– Divyash Shah and Birjis Patel

A college festival is the refuge for the students from the tiresome and never ending torturous schedules. Alegria is not only a silver lining for the students but also the most celebrated college festival all over the city. With the start of every year, all the students start preparing for various events and games to be held. A month before the start of the festival, a hefty crowd and frantic preparations are visible at the Pillai campus. Everyone is gearing up for the biggest and grandest College Festival of the City. The euphoria and hype around it is infectious and everyone enjoys it to the core.

Banners and Posters are spread all over the city attracting students from every college. The creative team spends countless nights to justify the theme all over the campus. From wall paintings and designing Alegria with just threads to life size figures of Johnny Depp and Captain America, the creative team fascinates everyone with their skills. The installations all over the campus are a treat for the eyes and the flavour of Alegria keeps getting better.

Alegria gives an opportunity to every student to showcase their talents in front of the masses. From nail art to rapping, every individual tries to entertain the crowd. From robowars to computer gaming like Fifa, the team leaves no talent in the room for exposure. There is a place and chance for everyone in Alegria and that is one of the reasons why it’s loved so much by all the students.

And with every event comes the presence of a celebrity. The presence of celebrities in Pillai’s Campus is not a new thing. From Ranbir and Deepika dancing on Matargashti to Sonam Kapoor promoting Neerja, from Mumbai City FC playing soccer in the artificial lawn to real life Commander Abhilash Tomy, every celeb increased the standard of Alegria.

The Night Shows revamped the crowd from the events all day long. Artists like Vishal-Shekhar to Honey Singh, DJs from Nucleya to Sultan+ Shepard,the crowd rejoiced with every beat of their songs. People have the best times of their lives tapping their feet along with the most famous and talented musicians.

This year, however it’s going to be grander than ever. In its 6th year, Alegria has got everyone’s expectations touching the skies by bringing Mumbai into the campus. The theme for Alegria 2018 is none other than the city of dreams-Mumbai and it would be nothing short of mesmerising to feel the essence of Mumbai in the very own Pillai campus.

From queer installations of the monuments of the city to the various events based on the theme,
the ideas are not only going to be out of the box but also amazingly fun to see sector 16 turn into Mumbai.

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