Anubhav Bassi

Comedy Night

25 th March 2022, Friday

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Anubhav Singh Bassi, also known as Bassi to his fans across the country, is set to perform on the dias of Alegria 2022 on 25th March, Friday. He is a personality with an enormous sense of humour and eternal comedies.

Bassi is a stand-up comedian who specializes in anecdotal comedy. He began his standup comedy career in 2017 after performing at an open mic event. He now has a YouTube channel with over 200 million views and over 3 million subscribers, as well as 1 million + Instagram followers.

The one that makes everyone in the room laugh until their stomachs hurt! Expect to see the most outrageously humorous standups of all time. The stage at Alegria will soon be taken over by a buzzed-about celebrity who has won the hearts of fans all across social media. Alegria 2022 is all set to let you have an unforgettable experience, packed with an extremely amusing presenter who not only entertains the audience but also keeps them smiling throughout the event.

A monologue for Amazon Funnies and a cameo in Zee5's Comedy Couple are two of his most well-known works. He also gave a TED talk about his struggles, which he delivered with aplomb. ‘Bas Kar Bassi’, his concert tour, has taken him to over 35 places across India. In 2021, the Golden Glory Awards recognised Bassi as 'Youth Icon of the Year'.

Roll up your sleeves and prepare for a whirlwind of wrapped-up humorous punchlines that you won't want to miss! One of his most famous punchlines known country-wide is ‘Koi sense hai is baat ki’. What a great trio: a witty character, a splash of cheerful night, and an amazing time with friends! Bring your friends and have the wittiest night of your life.