B-Boy Junior at Pillai’s Alegria 2018

B-Boy Junior

– Aravind Acharya

“People who were seen dancing were considered to be insane by the ones who could never hear the music”. Dance has been the way of expression since times known to man. Although many dance forms are in existence today, b-boying is considered to be a latecomer in the world of dancing. With bboying tracing its roots to the street dances of the Puerto Rican and African-American youths in US, the dance style gained popularity in the early 1970s. Since then,it has managed to attract people across the globe. The rise of many bboying crews in India proves to be the result of the bboying influence.

With many dance aficionados taking up bboying or breakdancing, the world saw the beginning of ‘The battle of the year’ competitions. Legends were coined over here. The battle in Germany saw the surge of such a legend Bboy-jr.

Junior bosila banya aka BBoy-Jr moved to France at the age of 2. A fan of Michael Jackson, he tried to imitate his moves by combining them with some of his acrobatic skills. .Nicknamed as the ‘alien’, Bboy-jr was named as the best dancer in several dance battles. In 1995, he joined the group Serial crew breakersand and the group Wanted Posse in 1999, under the stage name of ‘Buanson’. His dancing career saw a breakthrough with a win in The Battle of the Year in Germany. Post that victory,he then went on to conquer the world and winning fans over with his performances. He presents bboying with a subtle blend of strength, finesse and innovative locking and freezing moves. He has kept his audience bedazzled with his energetic and world class moves.

Alegria 2018 is indeed going to be action packed and fun filled, as we get to witness bboy-jr light the stage on fire with his electrifying dance moves. What better than having a b-boying luminary show us his very best moves and leave the audiences spellbound.

Come join us as we watch a legend showcasing us with the best of his signature moves.

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