‘Alegria- The Festival of Joy’ kick-started with a captivating inaugural and theme disclosure ceremony which took place in the Quad.

The day had all of the campus hooting and cheering with excitement. The energy was madly intoxicating and lifted everyone’s spirit. One could see the magic cast by Alegria even before it started.

The most enthralling part of the entire ceremony was the ‘Flash Mob’. The Festival of Joy features the very famous flash mob which spellbinds the campus completely. Every year, it has gained more and more popularity and has always unfailingly impressed the crowds. Though it has become almost a routine in these past years, the novelty factor lies in the idea and execution which is unique every year.

The theme of Alegria has always been interesting and never fails to dazzle the Alegrians and everyone has a blast. This year is no exception as well since the essence of Alegria always exceeds expectations. Every passing year, the love for Alegria has everyone asking for more.

The students from all the different branches of the K. M. Vasudevan Pillai campus came together, to make this event a success. The inaugural ceremony saw a humongous turn-up of crowd and mind blowing energy. The banner for Alegria 2017 was unveiled and the instant response was as expected.


The theme ‘Kingdom of Games’ grabbed the interest and attention of everyone. Everyone in the crowd was visibly captivated.  The younger generation has always had a penchant for games and so, this year’s theme excited them beyond expression. The theme for the inaugural programme was ‘Mario finds his princess’.


The act was done to perfection with everyone looking straight out of the levels of a game. The efforts put in by one and all is commendable and the performers were showered with love and appreciation.

The Flash Mob had the crowds cheering throughout. The energetic performers took the campus by storm with their moves. Their sheer enthusiasm had everyone enthralled. It was impossible to take one’s eyes off them.  


The ceremony saw the entire campus come together and have a gala time. The inaugural ceremony proved why Alegria is considered one of the top college festivals in Mumbai. This ceremony made Alegria all the more anticipated, giving the festival an exceptionally great start. This year is surely going have Alegria at its best yet.

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