Biswa at Pillai’s Alegria 2018

– Akash Vetal

You are seated with a bunch of people waiting for an artist to arrive! And there he comes, a pretty normal looking lad, with those geeky spectacles, loose tees and a wide cheek to cheek smile and blurts to you in his melodious voice,”AYE TATTI, TERA NAAM KYA HAI?”. You guessed it right! BISWA KALYAN RATH.

A stand-up comedian, writer, YouTuber and an engineer, this TATTI GUY, started his career with the series PRETENTIOUS MOVIE REVIEWS, along with fellow comedian Kanan Gill. An IIT KHARAGPUR degree to his name, Biswa has been one of the pioneering acts in the Indian standup scene. Having toured India with BISWA IN YOUR FACE and BISWA MAST AADMI, in 2015, this aadmi’s popularity has reached the zenith. Not only this, but he has also been performing for AIB, CANVAS LAUGH CLUB and AMAZON PRIME VIDEO.

With his anti-generic abilities, intelligent and witty well-structured jokes and a wide connect with his audience, he has established a huge fandom of his own.

The JOY in ALEGRIA- THE FESTIVAL OF JOY will truly be justified yet again as BISWA makes his presence felt and enthralls each one of you with his comic timing at sector 16 on the 8th of February.
SO, LOCK YOUR DATES and get yourself rolling in fits of laughter.

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