D-Cypher at Pillai’s Alegria 2020 to Judge Beat Boxing

D-Cypher at Pillai’s Alegria 2020

-Anushka Gupta

In the midst of all the electrifying events which take place at Pillai’s Alegria, one that perfectly fits the hip hop culture is beatboxing. Many have rose to success from the depths of the underground world of beatboxing and rapping. One such inspiring artist is Gaurav Gambhir, widely known by his stage name D Cypher. People couldn’t help themselves but groove to his addicting beats in the song ‘Jingostan’ in the Bollywood movie Gully Boy. His resilience paid off when his phenomenal performance in Gully boy was widely appreciated, which ultimately gave him a definite ticket in the world of Bollywood. He has a staggering 3.1 million streams on spotify. Being an underground artist is not all rainbows and fairies, so it’s quite evident how he created a mould for himself through his enormous talents. Creating a movement through Bombay Lokal, which is the first hip hop collective in Mumbai, he is constantly expanding the social awareness for this culture through elements of hip hop.

Buckle yourself to enjoy his mind boggling beats when he arrives for Alegria 2020 as a judge for beat boxing on the 5th of February. Make sure you avail this opportunity to fully enjoy the Festival of Joy!



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