Day 1 at Alegria 2020

And the wait was finally over. With the countdown from months to days, the very first day of Alegria-The Festival of Joy was eventually here.
The inauguration of the annual festival of Pillai College, Alegria-The Festival of Joy 2020 was slated to be a grand one and it lived uptown the hype. Dr. K M Vasudevan Pillai and Dr. Daphne Pillai, honourable, Mr.Rane, Chief Fire Officer, CIDCO & PMC, Mr. Sadashiv Kavte, Superintendent, License Department, PMC
and Ms. Tejaswini Galande, Assistant Commissioner, PMC as chief guests for the inaugural event.
The auspicious morning began on a bright note with a beautiful classical dance rendition by the students of Pillai College.
This was followed by a skit based on the remarkable journey of a visionary Dr. Vasudevan Pillai and an illuminating talk by Daphane Pillai. Reliving the 50 years of MES was inspiring, thrilling and emotional at the same time. The inaugural session also involved a spectacular performance by IGT semifinalists Mallakhamb innovators.
An electrifying hip hop team which is going to represent India performed an energetic performance  on the theme of the movie Tanhaji ,which was followed by felicitation of the honourable guests for the inauguration ceremony.
The rapping session was a fantastic opening for the mega festival Alegria. Pillai campus was at a whole new level of excitement to have the rapping torchbearers from Dharavi, 7 Bantaiz. Having JADOO, Akash Dodeja as a judge for standup comedy competition, was a time filled with loads of hysterical humour.
Apart from this, there were numerous competitions and events in the literature, sports, management, etc categories going on in full swing.
Next on the list we had the competitors all decked up for the fashion show event.
Aisha Sharma spent her evening as a judge. The unique and eye catching outfits of the participants were seen on the ramp walk. All teams awed the audience with looks which were curated personally. The fashion show atmosphere was filled with music which gave us goosebumps. The last event of Alegria for the first day was the War of DJs. Julia Bliss judged the competition and then rocked the stage with an epic session which had everyone high up in the air. The audience enjoyed every bit of the event with full zest.
Day 2 promises to be a galaxy filled with amazing stars as D Cypher, Rahul Shetty, Adah Sharma, Karishma Chavan and Rae Valentine are set to come down to Dreamland as judges for multi faceted competitions. So save some energy for Day 2 and dont miss out any fun!

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