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Shot Put (Girls)

Fuel up your strength! This event will unleash your inner warrior and the hidden strength you had. A track and field event involving "putting" a heavy spherical object as far as possible. In this shot-put, put a shot which is worth the victory!

100 Rs

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Category: Sports

Category Code: S

Mode: Offline

Contact 1: Sohan Bhujbal- 9860377037

Contact 2: Faraz Raza- 7900019313

Date & Time: 26th March 2022
Criteria: Closed
  • 1st prize : 1000
  • 2nd prize :Certificate
  • 3rd prize: None
    1. 1. Competitors take their throw from inside a marked circle 2.135 metres in diameter, with the stop board approximately 10 centimeters high at the front of the circle.
    2. 2. Shot put ball weighing 3 Kg will be provided.
    3. 3. Only three(3) throws are taken by each competitor. The final ranking will be determined from the best attempt of the three.
    4. 4. A competitor will be given a time of 1 minute between each throw. The 1 minute time will begin when the competitor’s name is called. 
    5. 5. No of Participants: 01