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Mandala Art (Vedic Circles)

Let the tranquility and comfort of geometric and symmetric patterns represent your thoughts and ideas. Allow yourself to circle this swirl of art. Nonetheless, this is one of the finest artworks evoking the enchantment of old patterns and concepts.

100 Rs

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Category: fine-arts

Category Code: FA

Mode: offline

Contact 1: Teejal Singh: 9768000278

Contact 2: Tushar Surve: 8268182173

Contact 3: Avanti Salwatkar: 9689655699

Date & Time: 24th March 2022
Criteria: Semi-Open
  • 1st prize : 1500 + Certificate
  • 2nd prize :500 + Certificate
  • 3rd prize: Certificate
    1. 1) A4 size paper will be provided.
    2. 2) All the other materials must be brought by the participants.
    3. 3) Time duration will be 1.5 hours.
    4. 4) The theme will be provided on the spot.
    5. 5) Participants must report 30 minutes prior to the event. 
    6. 6) Use of gadgets and stencil is not allowed.
    7. 7) Participants are not allowed to refer to any designs.