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Face of Alegria (The belle of the ball)

Invade our hearts by your unique ‘adah’, your charismatic and unique style. A platform for you to glam and flaunt your beauty. Kyon Ki...tareef karu kya uski jisne tumhe banaya; presenting, The shining lady.

250 Rs

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Category: informals

Category Code: I

Mode: 0

Contact 1: Nupur Kelkar - 9082683799

Contact 2: Sejal Hadkar - 9137516163

Contact 3: Mehroz Chiwan - 7977723755

Date & Time: 24th March 2022
Criteria: Semi-Open
  • 1st prize : 5000 + Certificate
  • 2nd prize :Certificate
  • 3rd prize: Certificate
    1. 1) Participants are required to submit 4 photographs before 31st Jan 2022 to with the following themes a) Smile, b) Portrait, c) Friendship, d) Vintage.
    2. 2) First round of eliminations will take place based on the quality of the photos.
    3. 3) Shortlisted candidates will be called for elimination round at Pillai Campus on 2nd Feb 2022.
    4. 4) 10 candidates will be selected for the final round to be judged by a star celebrity.
    5. 5) Involvement of the theme has to be incorporated in one of the three rounds during the main event.
    6. 6) There will be eliminations in every round.