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Fashion Show (Haute Couture)

A ramp to walk and a spotlight to glow, making you the star of the show. Fire the ramp with your fashion and beauty. Here’s your golden opportunity to gleam. Blaze the runway, twirl your costumes and slay!

2000 Rs

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Category: informals

Category Code: I

Mode: 0

Contact 1: Nupur Kelkar - 9082683799

Contact 2: Sejal Hadkar - 9137516163

Contact 3: Mehroz Chiwan - 7977723755

Date & Time: 24th March 2022
Criteria: Semi-Open
  • 1st prize : 15000
  • 2nd prize :7500
  • 3rd prize: 4000
    1. 1) Elimination round will be conducted prior to the main stage event.
    2. 2) Spot entries will not be entertained.
    3. 3) No vulgarity of any form will be allowed.
    4. 4) Songs, props and narrations must be submitted on the day of the elimination itself and won’t be entertained.
    5. 5) Use of props such as water and fire won’t be permitted on stage.
    6. 6) Technical requirements of any should be requested on the day of the Elimination itself.
    7. 7) Technical assistants should be present if any during the group’s performance.
    8. 8) Time limit for every team will be 10 minutes (including setup).
    9. 9) Participants can select any theme.