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Duet Dance (Rock and Roll)

Chemistry, the most important element between duos. It could be anyone performing together but if there’s no chemistry, the message is not delivered quite right. You sure will be judged based on your performance but we also want to see your sync. Trust, compatibility and chemistry is what’s gonna help you win!

200 Rs

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Category: performing-arts

Category Code: PA

Mode: 0

Contact 1: Yog Agarwal - 9987071544

Contact 2: Dishad Koli - 7021555531

Contact 3: Parth Balsaraf - 9869541542

Contact 4: Deepesh Gaikar - 808231294

Date & Time: 25th March 2022
Criteria: Semi-Open
  • 1st prize : 2000 + Certificate
  • 2nd prize :1000 + Certificate
  • 3rd prize: 500 + Certificate
    1. 1) Time limit for each performance: 5 minutes.
    2. 2) Prior information about props (if any) must be given to the respective event head.
    3. 3) Songs must be submitted to the event head one day prior to the event.
    4. 4) Pre-elimination round will be held before the main event.
    5. 5) The last date for submission of audition tape is 6th Feb 2022.
    6. 6) The results of the audition will be announced by 8th february 2022.