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No escape

A technical treasure hunt in which the participants have to solve puzzles and find clues from files and links. Use your brainpower and solve the clues.

100 Rs

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Category: technical-events

Category Code: T

Mode: online

Contact 1: Athul Tulasidasan: 78874 94096

Date & Time: 25th March 2022
Criteria: Semi-Open
  • 1st prize : 1000 + Certificate
  • 2nd prize :Certificate
  • 3rd prize: Certificate
    1. 1. A time limit of 1 hour will be provided i.e. the game will end at 2 pm.
    2. 2. The game can be played by min 1 and max 2 players.
    3. 3. While the game can be played through a mobile or a laptop both, it's preferred that at least 1 laptop or PC is used. 
    4. 4. Usage of online sources to crack answers to questions is prohibited. 
    5. 5. Any kind of misbehavior from the participants will not be appreciated and will lead to disqualification. 
    7. How to play :
    8. 1. A link will be provided to all the participants which will lead you to the first clue.
    9. 2. Figuring out the clues will lead you to the subsequent levels of the game. 
    10. 3. Step 2 will be repeated until you reach the last clue. 
    11. 4. Remember to note down all the clues in order to win the game.
    12. 5. The last clue will link you to a google form which will require you to enter a password.
    13. 6. The participant who fills the google form the fastest, is the winner of the game.
    14. Note -  The link to the google form will be provided to all the participants at 2 pm. In case, no individual or team has managed to crack all the clues, the participant(s) with the most number of clues entered will be the winner.