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Placement Treasure Hunt (Placing Nemo)

Do you have the skills to get recruited in your dream company? It's time for a treasure hunt where you find clues and solve them to reach your goal. But wait, here's the catch! The clues are based on the questions related to placements.

100 Rs

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Category: technical-events

Category Code: T

Mode: offline

Contact 1: Athul Tulasidasan: 78874 94100

Date & Time: 24th March 2022
Criteria: Semi-Open
  • 1st prize : 1000 + Certificate
  • 2nd prize :Certificate
  • 3rd prize: Certificate
    1. 1) Different clues will be alloted in the PCE premises.
    2. 2) Clues will be aligned to placement questions. 
    3. 3) There are three rounds in total that include
    4. i. Aptitude
    5. ii.Technical
    6. iii. Interview
    7. 4) In every round, miscellaneous questions regarding industries and companies will be added.
    8. 5) All the Questions in the clue will be based on aptitude, technical and interview.
    9. 6) Top three people to get the treasure will win the event.