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Game development in Python (Offline)

Game development in python', 'TW03', 'Gaming is fun but it doubles up when you are the one who created it. In this workshop we will be using pygame which is a cross platform used for making 2D games and git to build their games.

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Category: technical-workshop

Category Code: TW

Mode: Offline

Contact 1: Athul Tulasidasan : 7887494095

Date & Time: None
Criteria: Semi-open
  • 1st prize : None
  • 2nd prize :None
  • 3rd prize: None
    1. 1) Participants should report 1 hour prior to the start of the workshop.
    2. 2) In case of an overlap with parallel workshops, participants have to notify their respective co-ordinators in advance to avoid delays.
    3. 3) Any damage to the kits provided by the institute will be dealt with. Take away kits will not be provided for any of the workshops.
    4. 4) PR points will be given to each institute through participation of students on entry. The institute collecting the most PR points will be rewarded (Only for non MES institutes