FEEL CREW at Pillai’s Alegria 2019

FEEL CREW at Pillai’s Alegria 2019

– Akash Vetal

They say, “DANCE IS THE HIDDEN LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL”, but what if somebody dances only on that language?

You heard it right! Dancing on dialogues or words has not been something too famous in the dancing arena. But this crew from Thane has been showcasing its uniqueness by doing just this infamous thing. And not only have they succeeded, but they’ve also sprinkled their charm mesmerising everyone with their unique dance form.

Having carved out a niche for themselves with their uniqueness, this crew is none another than FEEL CREW! As their names go, Feel Crew has more ‘feel’ in their songs and that too just using mere words and dialogues. They’ve climbed the ladder slow and steady, starting with ruling over the college fests all over and then continuing to rule whole of Maharashtra, with the show Dance Maharashtra Dance Season 2. They didn’t stop there, as FEEL CREW went on to win the hearts of India, with their distinctive dancing style on Dance Plus 4. The 7 man crew has not only been dancing on iconic dialogues, but is iconic in their own way as well.
Alegria- The Festival of Joy, keeping up with the tradition of being unique everytime, is blessed to have this ecentric crew as the judge for Freestyle Group Dance Competition here on 7th February. So come and feel dance, to mesmerise FEEL CREW, and have that winning feel in the COSMOS!

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