Heart to Heart #AlegriansSpeak

Heart to Heart – #AlegriansSpeak | Experiences

Now that Alegria is just a few days away, the enthusiasm and excitement for Alegria is palpable throughout the campus. February has become synonymous with Alegria for all Pillaites. It’s not surprising that the students absolutely love this festival and nothing can stop them from enjoying this most awaited part of the year which brings with it a variety of feelings- joy, madness, fun, competitiveness and hard-work.

On this occasion, here is what some of our students have to say about their experiences of this much-awaited festival:


“Alegria has outgrown itself. It is no more just a college festival. It is a melting pot of talent and calibre. It has become a shared sentiment, a medium for self-expression.”

– Diksharth Jage


“It is a carnival of emotions. From the theme to the end note of the festival, everything has a certain backdrop to it. It is full of colours, noise and fun. I love the atmosphere of Alegria. It brings people together, new friendships are formed, and petty grudges forgotten.”

–  Prerna Khanolkar

If you are a part of Pillai’s, you are damn lucky!  Having witnessed Navi Mumbai’s biggest college fest, I can definitely say it truly justifies its name as the festival of JOY. The aura of the college is so enthralling. Hundreds of events to participate in and to showcase our talents: where else would you find such an opportunity?

Sakshi Satpute

“Who said we can only fall in love with people?  I am in love with Alegria!!! Proud to be a Pillaite!

Kriti Kumar

“The annual college fest is supposed to be the silver lining after all the hard work of an academic year; the time to enjoy and let go of all stress. But Alegria is much more than just the silver lining, it is pure gold!! Alegria manages to surpass its own previous records and just gets bigger, better and so much more fun! The excitement is infectious and you’ll experience just how fast the joy spreads.”

Tilby Thomas

“Where can you find talent storehouses like Farhan Akhtar or Nucleya performing? Where can you see celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor shake a leg to their latest songs? The answer is- it happens only at Alegria.”

Vidhi Rajput

These days where college fests run out of energy after a day or two, the spirit of Alegria is truly amazing. Alegria is undoubtedly one of the biggest college events not just in Navi Mumbai but all over Mumbai.”

Shravan Raikar

Talent in every field is equally valued and facilitated, nobody goes back disheartened. It’s the most thrilling experience ever. In its 5th anniversary this year, is surely one of the most anticipated college festivals.”

– Birjis Patel

“The excitement and energy in the air is contagious. From the numerous varieties of events and competitions to the rocking concerts, Alegria is a roller coaster ride!!”

Aditya Naik

It’s the perfect outburst of joy and happiness that every Pillaite patiently waits for; and Alegria never fails to impress. All my non-Pillaite friends are pretty jealous of the grand scale of Alegria.”

Sooraj Nair

“If someone were to ask me about ALEGRIA, the answer would be, that it Exceeds Expectations. Yes, and it is not an overstatement. This feeling cannot be explained in mere words. You have to be present at this festival to feel the liveliness that engulfs you, the crazy energy, and the jaw dropping performances, the dazzling appearances, the plethora of colours and the sheer magnitude on which it is set up.”

Abhijit Prakashan

“Alegria has everyone clutching their seats in excitement. The adrenaline rush and euphoria is unmatched. Best college festival ever!!!

– Greeshma Valath

The best part about Alegria is that the students from different streams unite together to organise and participate in all the events. The passion is fired up, the energy is re-fuelled and the smile just gets broader. The ambience during the whole festival is beautiful.

Bhoomi Jaswant Ratani

The entire committee (organizing team, creativity team, graphics team, web, publicity team, etc.) is worthy of praise. Certainly, Alegria raises opportunities for each individual to enhance their skills in diverse fields and build their own castle of hope and joy.”

Jennifer D’silva

Alegria is an emotion. It brings people together. It is only going to get better and bigger this year.

Mark your calendars now….

Do not miss it!!!


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