Karishma Chavan at Pillai’s Alegria 2020 to Judge Freestyle Group Dance

-Anushka Gupta

Dance is the eternal language of expressing your art and emotions. And as much as everyone loves dancing, more than that people love watching other people dance. This past decade has given a chance for passionate dancers to shine on screen through reality shows. Dance Plus is one such show which quickly became popular among the masses as it reached unmatched heights from it’s very first season. One of the judges for this fifth season is Karishma Chavan, someone who started her journey as a contestant in the nation wide renowned Dance Premiere League. From being a participant, to starring in the movie ABCD, Karishma has shown how effort and talent overrides everything when it comes to attaining success.

In an industry which demands constant creativity, innovation and something new everytime a dancer sets their foot on stage, Karishma has persistently wowed the audience with her unique choreographies in Tumhari Sulu, Veere Di Wedding, and Kathagaan. Flaunting her moves on YouTube, she never fails to entertain her audience.


A dance performance as iconic as the show will be executed by the enormously talented and now famous contestants of Dance Plus 5, Deepika and Rupesh. So this is the chance to feast your eyes with synchronized moves in this competition. Contain your whirlwind of excitement as Karishma Chavan will be at Pillai College to judge Freestyle Group Dance on 5th of Feb.

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