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Lisa Zimouche

– Birjis Patel

Soccer is a world renowned sport and a passion for billions of people across the globe. But when we look at it as a career choice for women, anywhere in the world, one can’t deny that it’s not the most conventional or bankable option. Sadly, one doesn’t take soccer as a profession for women seriously.

Yet, there are many talented, determined and rock-ribbed girls out there who are unswervingly taking steps towards making soccer their profession. One such tenacious girl is Lisa Zimouche.  

Lisa Zimouche is a young, budding freestyle soccer player. She has been passionate about soccer even before she was a teenager. All of 17 years, she has numerous titles to her names and is famous for her freestyle soccer videos where she showcases her magnificent football skills.

It was in the year 2012 when Zimouche was in the top 3 in the world championship in Italy and proved her mettle yet again in the very next year when she had her name in the top 3 in the world championship in Japan. But the greatest achievement for Lisa has to be her victory in the World Female Panna Championship.  

Since then, there has been no stopping for Lisa who went on to become a soccer sensation around the world. She is an out and out inspiration for young girls to achieve what they want without age or choice of the profession being any barriers. She comes across as a supremely talented athlete who’s a benchmark for young athletes across the globe.

In a world where soccer doesn’t offer much of a career to women, Lisa has not only put her best foot forward into making it an even bigger sensation but also gained immense popularity in what she does wholeheartedly.

She is a perfect representation of the coming-of-age girls who are adamant to achieve what they believe in and we all couldn’t agree more. She, as an athlete, also rings in the realisation that youth around the world are no longer clueless or vague about their passions and future careers.


She made use of the social media platforms like facebook and Instagram to make more people aware of this new skill and gained huge popularity. She proved that today’s generation is out there showing their talents on the best platforms they get and are determined of achieving exactly what they want. This grit, hard work and willpower are what make them stand out.  

This year, she’s graced Alegria to demonstrate her skills in freestyle soccer. We were elated to witness her mettlesome moves. She captivated one and all by her prowess and mastery.


It was a lot of fun to watch students and teachers play it out with her and showcase their skills with the ball. Her confidence and determination inspired all the budding talented youngsters to follow their dreams and work hard to make them come true.

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