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Lost Stories

–  Birjis Patel

Music has vastly evolved over the past decade and there have been some new and exotic genres explored unbelievably well. Various styles have come into the picture and achieved both- a huge fan base and as well as accolades. There are music lovers who are no longer afraid to pursue their musical careers that are unconventional and unexplored. And we as the audience have become much more accepting of different styles and have ended up taking a liking to it. Music aspirants have since then tried out different ways of catering to the audience who prefer this new improved phase of music.

Over the years we have experienced some of the most commendable variations done to music in the name of experiments. Some unexpected amalgamations were formed when multiple genres were mixed and some fierce artists have never hesitated to bring about this change.


One example of such artists is none other than LOST STORIES. They have by-far very well introduced a certain amount of quirk and have never failed to pleasantly surprise their audience and have kept them asking for more. Their music is as far from conventional as it can get and yet it does not fail to appeal to their audience. We just love their quirk quotient and they if listened carefully, one can find traces of some Indian Classical beats.
Their inspirational journey of music began back in 2009. The start of their career was also the period when they quickly rose to fame and prominence when their song “False Promises” got released on Tiësto’s Black Hole Recordings. That was a great achievement for Lost Stories who were just newcomers in the world of music then and they had no clue they were going to be so loved. There on, these powerhouses of talents never looked back and went on to give many such chart toppers and busters. Armin Van Buren supported their track on his ASOT shows. This surely not only boosted their confidence but also went on to show what talented music artists can achieve if they have the courage to pursue their dreams.


Their best work includes the official remixes for Alan Walker “Faded” and One Republic “Wherever I Go”. Lost Stories debut single on ‘Spinnin’ Records India’ is collaboration with JETFIRE and Carta. They have performed at various music festivals like Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Mareonustrum, Sunburn, Supersonic and many more across the world. Add to this, their rank on DJ Mag Top 100 polls in 2016 was #52. They are undoubtedly a growing rage in the world of new-age music.


They are touted to be the ‘NEXT BIG STARS’ in the world of music. But we say they already are the ‘SHINING STARS’ now.


The spearheading of Electronic Dance Music scene in India has been pretty much done by Lost Stories. Their recent European Tour is the most major extensive international

Tour any Indian artist has ever done. They’ve consistently defied norms, and broken barriers. These boys are out there sweeping the world off their feet and casting magic over everyone in ALL of their performances, which is why they are not only one of the most popular and in-demand artists, but also one of the most loved artists. They’ve won MY FAV DJ award at VH1 in the Trance DJ category adding another feather to their cap.


All these achievements and hard-work has made the world sit up and take notice. Mumbai Mirror Online caught up with the duo and had a candid conversation. Recollecting on how they initiated the collaboration, Rishab said, “It was a pretty natural process. I met Prayag over the internet and we realized that we shared the same passion for the music we liked.” Further talking about their initial days, Prayag added, “Things didn’t hit off instantly. But we didn’t aim at becoming superstars overnight too. An original production here and a remix there and then some more till we broke the barrier and got tremendous support from the then Top 8 DJs of the world.”


Alegria- The Festival of Joy is well known for consistently bringing the city down for its popular and insanely loved DJ nights where some of the most celebrated and famous artists perform and drive the crowd crazy. This year is no exception, as Alegria has stepped up the game and the celebration is going to ring in in full swing. One of the most awaited musicians who are going to grace the festival is none other than the world-renowned musical duo LOST STORIES. And this is just the third time that they’re gonna perform in India.


The edginess and quirk of Alegria is one of its many trademarks and with Lost Stories making their way to this joyous festival, it is just making things more and more special.


This Gen-Next music duo is already breaking national barriers and are showing no signs of slowing down. Watching them perform live at our very own festival would surely be an out-of-this-world experience and Alegrians could not be more excited and thrilled to witness the absolute magic waiting to happen.  


So Alegrians, pull up your socks, turn your heads, and raise your hands. These supremely talented superstars are set to take Alegria and the city by storm.



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