‘Murali Kumar’ AT PILLAI’S ALEGRIA 2018

‘Murali Kumar’at Pillai’s Alegria 2018

– Aravind Acharya

Everybody wishes to acquire a Greek god physique, but only a few manage to do so, courtesy to the hard work, dedication and discipline that this field requires. India has proved its mettle in the bodybuilding universe with many athletes coming into limelight in the late 20th century. It is rightly said that motivation is what gets us started, but it’s the habit that keeps us going. One such inspiration is Murali Kumar, who came into the field of bodybuilding with a bit of misfortune. Hailing from Kottayam, a small town in Kerala, Murali Kumar is a popular and well respected athlete in the bodybuilding world. This athlete’s rise to being one of India’s top bodybuilder hasn’t been an easy one.

During his initial stint as a sailor in the Indian Navy, he was injured with a fracture in his legs. Doctors suggested him to take up workout routines as a part of his recovery process.  This was when he was introduced to a gym and thus began an addiction.

Naturally blessed with a great body structure and genetics, his friends and coach were impressed with the time and effort he put into bodybuilding. Inspired by Dorian Yates, a 6-time Mr. Olympian, it took him 10 years of hard work and dedication for him, to get to a point where he gained the confidence of competing professionally after winning many other amateur competitions. His efforts finally paid off as he went on to win the prestigious Mr. India and Mr. Asia title in 2013 and also a third place in the Mr. World championship the very same year. He then retained his title of Mr. India the following year. He has been performing worldwide and has made a name for himself.

This year, Murali Kumar is back in Pillai campus to judge the young and emerging fitness enthusiasts in the event ‘Fitness Physique’ at Alegria 2018 on the 8th of Feb.
So hit the gym, eat your carbs and get ready to flaunt your physique.

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