Murray Molloy At Alegria 2018

Murray Molloy -The Sword Swallower

– Akash Vetal

Good food is good mood, they say. Replacing ‘mood’ with swords is something very few people think of and one such person is Murray Molloy. When people see someone performing the skill of sword swallowing, they think that all the person has to do is swallow the sword in the traditional way. But the process of repressing in order to keep the passage from mouth to the stomach open for the sword is no small feat. One small mistake and the person could risk his life. Most Performers think twice before swallowing one sword, let alone multiple swords, but Murray Molloy isn’t like most performers. As interesting as it sounds and yet the scariest thing to do, Murray has been performing these tricks with an ease and perfection only he could match off.

Murray Molloy has been travelling and performing all over the world from Australia to Laos and Portugal to Fiji, for more than fifteen years. His interest in the world of stunts spawned from childhood trips to the circus and an eccentric neighbour who taught him magic tricks. He started his acts from the age of eighteen, which consisted from fire eating to sleeping on a bed of nails and later turned towards sword swallowing; and not just a single sword, but multiple curved swords at a time. Murray is one of the only fifty sword swallowers actually performing on the planet and that’s not all, he is one of the ten performers who swallow multiple curved swords at once.

Murray Molloy takes the ancient art of sword swallowing and truly makes it his own. After performing in front of tribal chiefs and places like the legendary Jim Rose Circus in America and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he is coming to perform at Alegria – The Festival of Joy 2018 on the 8th of February. It is surely going to be a sight no one would want to miss. Alegria has always loved bringing artists from all over the world and giving them a platform to showcase the very best of their talent.

Join us as this crazy Irishman puts up a show with stunts that you thought were never possible
and witness his death-defying grand finale which will have you at the edge of your seats with thrill and excitement.

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