Melvin Louis at Pillai’s Alegria 2018

Melvin Louis at Pillai’s Alegria 2018 – Aravind Acharya Have you ever dreamt of dancing your way to fame and success? Well there’s one personality you could surely draw inspiration from. The success story of this passionate dancer from Mumbai is a walkthrough for one aspiring to be a blooming icon in the dance industry. He is none other than th ...


Saqib Saleem at Pillai’s Alegria 2018

Saqib Saleem at Pillai’s Alegria 2018 – Shruti Indian film actors have always had larger than life aura and mesmerizing personality which never fails to amaze their audience. One such dynamic actor and model who has gained popularity in a very less span of time is none other than the very talented, ‘Saqib Saleem Qureshi’. He started his early career a ...


‘Murali Kumar’ AT PILLAI’S ALEGRIA 2018

‘Murali Kumar’at Pillai’s Alegria 2018 – Aravind Acharya Everybody wishes to acquire a Greek god physique, but only a few manage to do so, courtesy to the hard work, dedication and discipline that this field requires. India has proved its mettle in the bodybuilding universe with many athletes coming into limelight in the late 20 th century. It is righ ...

Candice Reddings

Candice Reddings love, passion, interest, life has always had an ultimate desire to shine.
 From modeling and singing, to dancing and entertaining massive crowds with her selective music. She was very persistent then and she is even more so now, with experience, and the ambition to move forward, nothing and no one holds her back.
 Its her love for t ...

Sonam Kapoor

Vishal and Shekhar
music director

Elli Avram

Farhan Akhtar
Rockstar in Rock On

After playing a role of a rockstar in Rock On, the multi talented Farhan Akhtar is one in real life for fronting one of India’s leading edge live rock band Farhan Live! The rock band played their first gig in Goa to a capacity crowd of more than 25,000 .Since then the rock band is going to every musical fest, cutural and college festivals entertaini ...


Monica Dogra
Voice of Alegria

Udyan Sagar


Nina & Malika
The Elektrovertz

DJ Chetas
King of Mash-Ups