Sonali Bhadauria at Pillai’s Alegria 2018

Sonali Bhadauria – Akash Vetal It is often said that “Dancing with the feet is one thing and dancing with the heart is another.” Maybe this is the reason few stars shine brighter than others in this dancing universe. One such shining star, who has been at the helm of all the limelight, and who has been absolutely mesmerizing everyone alike with her h ...


Murray Molloy At Alegria 2018

Murray Molloy -The Sword Swallower – Akash Vetal Good food is good mood, they say. Replacing ‘mood’ with swords is something very few people think of and one such person is Murray Molloy. When people see someone performing the skill of sword swallowing, they think that all the person has to do is swallow the sword in the traditional ...


Alegria – The Preview

Alegria – The Preview – Divyash Shah and Birjis Patel A college festival is the refuge for the students from the tiresome and never ending torturous schedules. Alegria is not only a silver lining for the students but also the most celebrated college festival all over the city. With the start of every year, all the students start preparing ...


Association with Mumbai City FC

Association with Mumbai City FC – Greeshma Valath and Shubham Khairnar For a country which has cricket running through its veins, India is steadily becoming a soccer-crazy nation. And much of the credit goes to the Indian Super League (ISL), which gave Indian soccer recognition all over the world. The ten teams portray the passion and love for ...


The Banner Unveiling Ceremony

The Banner Unveiling Ceremony – Birjis Patel and Aravind Acharya The banner unveiling ceremony was nothing short of a massive and glorious affair. It’s less than a month for Alegria, the biggest college festival in Navi Mumbai and the hype and excitement among the students is off the roof. ’Mumbai’ being the theme of Alegria 2k18,the students a ...



Team Aiyaary – Akash Vetal, Greeshma Valath Bollywood is known for its talent, music and movies. It’s just another religion in India. Star kids always have an upper hand in this industry. Very rarely do outsiders make it big or establish themselves in the industry. However, one such outsider to establish himself as a lead name in Bollywood is S ...


Uber–talented Dj duo set to light up Alegria 2018

Nina and Malika – Greeshma Valath Alegria has a history of inviting big names to perform at Pillai College. “The Festival of Joy” as it is known to our masses is lit up with stars from the show business and also rising upcoming talent. Music being the key factor running this show the very first opening artists are going to be the very talented ...

Yo Yo Honey Singh


Parvathy Omanakuttan
Miss World, Miss India, Miss World Asia and Oceania

Baichung Bhutia
The 'Sikkimese Sniper'

Rannvijay Singh

Ranbir and Deepika

Candice Reddings

Candice Reddings love, passion, interest, life has always had an ultimate desire to shine.
 From modeling and singing, to dancing and entertaining massive crowds with her selective music. She was very persistent then and she is even more so now, with experience, and the ambition to move forward, nothing and no one holds her back.
 Its her love for t ...

Sonam Kapoor

Vishal and Shekhar
music director

Elli Avram

Farhan Akhtar
Rockstar in Rock On

After playing a role of a rockstar in Rock On, the multi talented Farhan Akhtar is one in real life for fronting one of India’s leading edge live rock band Farhan Live! Musician, actor, director, writer! What a powerhouse of talent is Farhan Akhtar! 3000+ students were lucky enough to witness him perform for them. His aura and energy was unbeatable. ...


Monica Dogra
Voice of Alegria

Udyan Sagar


Nina & Malika
The Elektrovertz

DJ Chetas
King of Mash-Ups