VIAN FERNANDES – Visitors at #Sector16

Vian Fernandes – Tilby Susan Thomas Music has no boundaries or limitations. It surpasses every barrier and every obstacle to narrate its own story. Music understands just one universal language- the language of the soul. Each note, each cadence is like the beat pulsing through our veins. Music opens up various dimensions to give a voice to our ...


LISA ZIMOUCHE – Visitors at #Sector16

Lisa Zimouche – Birjis Patel Soccer is a world renowned sport and a passion for billions of people across the globe. But when we look at it as a career choice for women, anywhere in the world, one can’t deny that it’s not the most conventional or bankable option. Sadly, one doesn’t take soccer as a profession for women serious ...


ARTHI VENKATESH – Visitors at #Sector16

Arthi Venkatesh – Diksharth Jage The qualities that characterise a lady are quick wit combined with attractive looks, a kind heart and a killer attitude to carry it off. One lady who exemplifies all these qualities is renowned fashion model Arthi Ventakesh. This beauty with brains sets the ramp on fire with her confidence and panache.   Her jour ...


Shibani Dandekar – Visitors at #Sector16

Shibani Dandekar – Greeshma Valath The show business is an exciting industry for the tabloids filled with glamour and fame. But the one important thing that most people fail to see is the amount of effort put into staying consistent in the industry. One has to constantly prove their caliber to the world for being a public figure. One celebrity ...


MONICA DOGRA – Visitors at #Sector16

MONICA DOGRA – Aditya Naik Our entertainment industry has been blessed with loads of versatile artists since its inception. These multi-talented artists captivate the audience not only with their on-screen presence but also with also with their soothing voice. One such artist whose name pops up in our mind when we say versatility is Monica Dogr ...


Govinda – Visitors at #Sector16

GOVINDA – Tilby Thomas, Greeshma Valath Bollywood is famous around the globe for its catchy dance numbers and high voltage drama. During the late 80’s and early 90’s, the pendulum swung back and forth between family-centric dramas and romantic comedies. The 80’s introduced a lot of young talented actors who went on to become huge film stars in th ...


Anjali – Visitors at #Sector16

Anjali – Tilby Susan Thomas   Dance is an expression of our feelings. It gives a new dimension to thoughts and unleashes our inner emotions. India is the birthplace of various dance forms and has always encouraged and nurtured this beautiful art of physical expression. Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Odissi, Kathakali, etc. are few of the ...



BANNER UNVEILING & INAUGURATION   ‘Alegria- The Festival of Joy’ kick-started with a captivating inaugural and theme disclosure ceremony which took place in the Quad. The day had all of the campus hooting and cheering with excitement. The energy was madly intoxicating and lifted everyone’s spirit. One could see the magic cast by Alegria ...


Teri Miko – Visitors at #Sector16

Teri Miko –  Aditya Naik & Greeshma Valath Music has been a vital aspect in man’s life through the ages. Music is food for the soul. Music too, like everything else, has undergone a lot of transformation over time. There are numerous music styles catering to wide range of audience all over the globe. For instance, rock music ruled the ...


Quintino – Visitors at #Sector16

Quintino –  Diksharth Jage & Vidhi Rajput Love that feeling when you groove on catchy beats like there’s no tomorrow? And that amazing moment when the bass drops? When the DJ plays your favorite song and your feet dance along automatically? Then you are in for a treat- DJ Quintino, one of the leading DJs in the world will be here at P ...


Lost Stories – Visitors at #Sector16

  Lost Stories –   Birjis Patel Music has vastly evolved over the past decade and there have been some new and exotic genres explored unbelievably well. Various styles have come into the picture and achieved both- a huge fan base and as well as accolades. There are music lovers who are no longer afraid to pursue their musical careers that ar ...


Nucleya – Visitors at #Sector16

We happily bring to you the news series “Visitors at #Sector16”. Today we will have a look at the journeys of Nucleya and Lost Stories who will be performing at our very own Pillai campus. Watch this space for more news about the various other national & international artists and celebrity guests who will make their presence known i ...

Yo Yo Honey Singh


Parvathy Omanakuttan
Miss World, Miss India, Miss World Asia and Oceania

Baichung Bhutia
The 'Sikkimese Sniper'

Rannvijay Singh

Ranbir and Deepika

Candice Reddings

Candice Reddings love, passion, interest, life has always had an ultimate desire to shine.
 From modeling and singing, to dancing and entertaining massive crowds with her selective music. She was very persistent then and she is even more so now, with experience, and the ambition to move forward, nothing and no one holds her back.
 Its her love for t ...

Sonam Kapoor

Vishal and Shekhar
music director

Elli Avram

Farhan Akhtar
Rockstar in Rock On

After playing a role of a rockstar in Rock On, the multi talented Farhan Akhtar is one in real life for fronting one of India’s leading edge live rock band Farhan Live! Musician, actor, director, writer! What a powerhouse of talent is Farhan Akhtar! 3000+ students were lucky enough to witness him perform for them. His aura and energy was unbeatable. ...


Monica Dogra
Voice of Alegria

Udyan Sagar


Nina & Malika
The Elektrovertz

DJ Chetas
King of Mash-Ups