PARASHARA at Pillai’s Alegria 2019

PARASHARA at Pillai’s Alegria 2019

– Shritej Zemase

Music is a magical phenomenon, which has the ability to drastically change your state of mind in no time. This magic reaches a whole different level when the scale of vocalist, strings of guitar, beats of the drum and notes of keyboard synergize. Yes, you got that right! It’s the band. This gargantuan festival of Joy has left no stone unturned and is all set to present the band PARASHARA for you! The PARASHARA will be here to engross you in the music of Himalayas.

The PARASHARA was a result of an interesting quest. The quest initiated by the maverick lead vocalist of the band , Sachin Bhagat. His journey from penury to the establishment of his dream is breathtaking. Today this dream is being carried passionately on his shoulders along with Nikhil Lakra, Samuel Harrington, Rohan Gupta and Zubin George. Each of these stalwarts are protagonists of their own story. Allan has underpinned voices like Zubin Nautiyal, Mohit Chauhan, etc with his guitar. Samuel worked assiduously to earn and get his first guitar and commence his journey of music.Rohan has been a precocious artist and has mastered keyboard at a tender age. Zubin, the drummer, too found his proclivity towards music really early in his life by growing up listening to his uncle playing the Congo.

These virtuosos are all set to open up the enthusiasm paving the way for Ayushmann for the night of 6th February. So brace yourself to set the music lover inside you free at this musical night!

For further info about passes contact: +918080524053 | +918652323878

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