Pillai’s Alegria 2019 : Banner Unveiling Ceremony

Banner Unveiling Ceremony 2019

– Shritej Zemase

Alegria is a festival with a raft of grand events like EDM night, movie promotions, concerts, etc. But the event which kick-starts this jamboree is the “Flashmob”!

This ceremony unveils the banner for the year’s theme in a grand and pompous fashion .The Flashmob for Alegria’19 was a highly anticipated event like every year. Volunteers, committee members and participants in galore were set to make this event memorable. Students accommodated every possible place at each floor to witness the event, reaching an hour prior. Dance groups not only consisted of talented dancers but also popular movie characters. Right from the DC/Marvel superheroes like Spiderman, Black Panther, Thor, Captain America, etc to Indian protagonists like Superstar Rajni, Singham, Peshwa Bajirao, etc each of them left everyone in splits. After such splendid performances, the banner was unveiled which presented the theme for this year i.e “Cosmos: To Infinity and Beyond” .

Lastly all the students gathered in quad and set themselves free on the beats of DJ. Within no time the unveiling ceremony turned into an EDM concert. The quad was full of roars and hoots of students giving the Festival Of Joy its true meaning.

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