Rae Valentine at Pillai’s Alegria 2020

Music and instruments go hand in hand, one is never complete without the other, so how can we miss having musical performances to boost up the energy of Alegria. People who feel music with their heart and create it with love will march in Alegria to showcase their band. Let your body flow with the tunes and tap your feet to the melodious voices and instruments of various music bands.


The Indian music industry is always ready for robust artists. Entry is never easy, but Rae Valentine, an unstoppable singer and songwriter made her way in, by debuting with a fresh new pop album in 2019. Releasing an entire album in English made her stand out in the crowd, not just because of the language but also because her music was soul touching. Any aspiring Indian singer who wishes to debut with an English album would definitely take inspiration from Rae. Occasionally sharing some pieces of her work, she also maintains a youtube channel.


So let’s end the wait as another gem is added to the already star studded lineup of Alegria 2020, so make your way to the music band performances which will be judged by the supremely talented Rae Valentine on 5th February 2020.

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