Rushabh Choksi at Pillai’s Alegria 2020 to Judge Fitness Physique

Rushabh Choksi at Pillai’s Alegria to Judge Fitness Physique

-Shreya Marar

Pillai’s has had some great muscle shows in the past! Bulky muscles and talent exhibitions have always found a place at Sector-16.


Keeping the Hustle with Muscle going on, we have the ‘Spartan’ , Rushabh Choksi mesmerising everyone with his physique. He is a mumbai based fitness entrepreneur and a proud owner of Spartan Nutrition and Hindustan Pharmatech LLP. Since the very beginning his aim was very clear – about leading a fit and healthy lifestyle, for achieving this aim he founded Spartan Nutrition in the early 2016 with the sole purpose of changing the industry around and making people aware of the nutritional supplements.

His major business interest has been bodybuilding and to build a range of powders, bars, tablets, capsules and ready to drink products for professional fighters and people looking to increase their protein intake in general. The idea is simple – ‘By the People For the People’, making luxury available at affordable prices. He is also engaged in combat sports and activities.

This passionate fitness enthusiast is judging the upcoming muscle – freaks on 8th February 2020. So guys get ready to witness the presence of a beast in the Dreamland!!!

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