Sangram Chougule at Pillai’s Alegria 2019

Sangram Chougule at Pillai’s Alegria 2019

– Aaliya Shaiikh

One person who really lives by the saying “fitness isn’t a choice; it’s a way of life” is Pillai Alegria’s fitness physique’s judge.

Sangram Chougule, born and brought up in Kolhapur district Maharashtra, India is a renowned bodybuilder athlete. Born in a small town with his parents as teachers, Sangram started his bodybuilding career while pursuing engineering. Sangram started to venture on this path in early 2000’s. Calling fitness his passion, he escalated largely in this field and with his guru’s encouragement, Sangram started taking part in various competitions and won the title of ‘The Great Maratha Shree’ and earned many other laurels.

He is also a 6 time winner of the title “Mr. India”. With this credence in 2012, Sangram won the “Mr. Universe” title in Bangkok, Thailand. He says it was the biggest moment of his bodybuilding life. Subsequently, Sangram won many other competitions such as the South Asia Championship and Satish Sugar Classic Championship at Belgaon and appears at major bodybuilding events globally.

“Physc” being Sangram’s first gym and his brand name under which, within years, Sangram had 5-8 gyms running while he was also travelling all around the world for various competition. Sangram’s dedication to bodybuilding and fitness, as well as helping others with their fitness, has made him very successful and one of India’s most famous bodybuilders. .

This year, as Alegria is ready to reach for the stars, who better than Chougule to judge the ‘Fitness Physique’ competition!? This hulk is going to make the COSMOS theme even more special with his starry presence.

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