Sonali Bhadauria at Pillai’s Alegria 2018

Sonali Bhadauria

– Akash Vetal

It is often said that “Dancing with the feet is one thing and dancing with the heart is another.” Maybe this is the reason few stars shine brighter than others in this dancing universe. One such shining star, who has been at the helm of all the limelight, and who has been absolutely mesmerizing everyone alike with her hearty dancing is SONALI BHADAURIA.

A YouTuber, or in proper words, one of India’s leading YouTubers, Sonali has climbed the ladder of success in much less time. Coming from a town in Pune, she is a graduate in engineering. Not only is she a dancer, but an entrepreneur as well. She started creating YouTube videos in 2016 and was quick to gain a massive fan following, courtesy her graceful choreography and obviously her beautiful looks. The support that each of her dance videos receive is truly overwhelming.

Sonali is one of the few dancers who perform a variety of dance forms, including bhangra and Tollywood. With her channel, ‘LIVE TO DANCE WITH SONALI’, gaining over half a million followers recently, and her academy of the same name conducting dance workshops at various places, she has amassed a huge fan following.

Over the years, the ALEGRIA fanbase has widened as well. And it’s time that ALEGRIA proudly welcomes SONALI BHADAURIA to grace our festival and judge the duet dancing event here in Sector 16.
So, put on your dancing shoes and Live to dance with Sonali!

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