Logo Designing(Neon Insignia)


How well can you depict neon dreams? Sketch, colour, doodle, or scribble and create your version of a logo for the theme that is provided and show the Algerians what your logo represents. Let your logo and the artist that is inside you be recognised and appreciated!



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Closed(Participant must be a college student)


1st Prize – Rs.1000

2nd Prize – Certificate

3rd Prize – Certificate


1.Event will be online
2.All instructions and topic will be given before half an hour on meet.
3.Clear and ORIGINAL image of artwork or Reel of 15 seconds .But only one thing would be accepted either reel or image.
4.Materials used should be compulsorily mentioned in mail.
5.Logo designing will be done on paper, not on any kind of digital media.
6.It should be done using sketch pens or poster colours.
7.The paper size should be A4.