Revisit your childhood by playing yet another game of Name, Place, Animal, Thing but, a more updated version of it. This fun game will tickle the cores of your intellect and test your adeptness.


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Semi-open ( Participant can be a college student or working professional with age less than 25 )


1st prize : Rs.1000


  1. All participants are expected to comply with the discipline standards and are expected to, in no means, use any other aid to gain an advantage. Such misconduct shall be considered “Cheating” and respective participants will be thereby disqualified with immediate effect.
  2. All the team members will be present with us in a buffer meet together for communication & Queries and are expected to not interrupt, unless necessary. 
  3.  A link will be posted in advance, which will redirect to the beginning of the hunt, a Google form.
  4. There’ll be a timestamp in order to decide the winners of each round. The winners will then proceed to the next round.