Face of Alegria(The Shining Lady)


Walk through the hearts and bowl people over with your beauty, elegance, grace, charisma and exuberance on a platform designed to honour and reward excellence. Capture every bit of attention around with your confident presentation and a display of The Shining Lady.


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Semi-open ( Participant can be a college student or working professional with age less than 25 )


1st prize : Rs.5000


1) Participants are required to mail 4 photographs of themselves before 15/02/2021 at alegriathefest@gmail.com with the following themes –  a) Smile b) A portrait c) In the night (Night photography) d) Fashion. The first round of eliminations will take place based on the photos. The subject line of the mail should be – “Face of Alegria-Name of participant”

2) Second round, third round & fourth round will be conducted in the campus, comprising an introduction, walk and a Q&A session respectively according to the current situation. 

3) Participants will have to dress up according to the given themes for each round. 

4) Last day of sending the images is on 23rd February