Elocution(Expressive Nyctophyle)


In this event you will be given a specific topic on the spot and you will be asked to speak about the given topic for about 5 minutes. The one who touches the hearts of our judges will win!


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Semi-Open(Participant can be college student or working professional with age less than 25)


1st Prize – Rs.1000

2nd Prize – Certificate

3rd Prize – Certificate


  1. Participants have to join Google meet and have to switch on their camera, microphone and speak.
  2. 5 minutes will be given to the participants for preparation as soon as the topic is given.
  3. Language: (English) participants will have to speak for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  4. Topic will be given on the spot.
  5. Negative marking will be done for use of slang.
  6. Use of inappropriate language could lead to disqualification