Story Writing(Nocturnal Tale Tellers)


The participants will be given an outline or an incomplete story premise and they would have to jog their brains to give the story a fitting end.



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Semi-Open(Participant can be college student or working professional with age less than 25)


1st Prize – Rs.1000

2nd Prize – Certificate

3rd Prize – Certificate


  1. Language- English only.
  2. Each story must be an original work by the participant. Plagiarism is not allowed and will be checked via online tools.
  3. Duration to write the story is 45 minutes maximum.
  4. Story should be at least 300 words.
  5. An incomplete scenario will be given and the participant will have to build a story based on the group on genre provided.
  6. Participants are banned from using any information source during the competition.
  7. Participants have to join Google meet and have to switch on their camera while writing.