Skipping Challenge


There isn’t a better short term cardio workout than skipping, is there? Shoots up your heart rate, gets your blood flowing and breaks sweat like nothing else out there. Do you have what it takes to jump the rope for 2 straight minutes or more?

Skipping is a full-body workout which uses your abdominals to stabilize the body, legs for jumping, shoulders and arms for turning the rope. 


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Closed (Participant must be a college student)


1st prize : Rs.1200
2nd prize :Certificate
3rd prize : Certificate


  1. Round 1: Video round- Each participant has to make a video for a time period of 2 minutes. Participants who perform for the maximum amount of time without stopping will be promoted to the next round.   
  2. Round 2: Live (Google meet/zoom) the participant will be required to perform variations or tricks of skipping with the skipping rope. Basic Jump,Side swing,Criss cross,Single foot criss cross,Alternate step criss cross,High knees,Cross step are the different kinds of variations.