Tapping Challenge


Tapping a ball over a bat repeatedly is easy, isn’t it? Yuvraj Singh tried one, Sachin Tendulkar did it better. So are you ready to square off with your opponent? There was never a better deal at tapping the ball over a bat. Come over, tap some balls and win big.

The aim is to keep tapping the ball into the air with the bat for as long as possible. Many variations are possible. Players tap their ball up and down on their bat, and count the number of consecutive taps they get. If a player drops their ball, he will be eliminated from the game.


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Closed (Participant must be a college student)


  • 1st prize : Rs.75


  1. Players can clamp their bat horizontally/inclined or any other way they feel comfortable in. Participants who can tap the ball continuously without stopping or dropping the ball will be the winner. The player who drops the ball loses.