Yoga Challenge


What’s the only routine that combines strength, stamina, flexibility or mobility, speed, concentration and mental toughness all together in one? If your answer was yoga then well done. In today’s gym hyped world, yoga is a superefficient routine. Not many have a commanding hold over this vigorous routine, do you?

Yoga is a spiritual discipline of physical and mental harmony between the mind and body, which originated in ancient India. It is believed to have various benefits to the human body if practiced regularly.


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Closed (Participant must be a college student)


1st prize : Rs.1000
2nd prize :Certificate
3rd prize : Certificate


  1. Round 1: All the participants will have to make a video performing Yoga Asanas of their choice (there is no time limit). The participants with correct posture and balancing will be selected.
  2.  Round 2: Each participant will be individually called on Google meet and they’ll be asked to perform a balancing Yoga stance. Again, the participant with correct posture and balance will be the winner. The Yoga asanas required to be performed by the participants are: Halasana, Sirasana, Mayurasana, Sarvangasana, Vrikshasana, Vrschikasana, Bakasana, Garudasana, Virabhadrasana-3, and Chakrasana.

Round 3: (If required)