Stand up Comedy(Humour Club)


Stand-up comedy requires you to perform in front of an audience in a comedic way that brings out laughter amongst the viewers. Fill the night with your humorous light and spread joy during these times of solitude.



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Semi-open(Participant can be college student or working professional with age less than 25)


  • 1st prize : Rs.1500
  • 2nd prize :Rs.1000
  • 3rd prize :Certificate


  1.  Time limit for each performance is 5 minutes.
  2. Only Hindi & English languages are allowed.
  3. There will be a pre-elimination round before the final event. 
  4. Final round of selected participants will be held at Pillai campus according to the current situation.
  5. The content must be self-composed.
  6. Use of abusive language is strictly prohibited.