Solo Singing(Melodies of the Starry Night)


A solo is a piece played or sung featuring a single performer, who may be performing completely alone or supported by an accompanying instrument. Let your melodies melt the hearts of the audience on a starry night.


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Closed(Participant must be a college student)


  • 1st prize : Rs.2000
  • 2nd prize :Rs.1000
  • 3rd prize :Certificate


  1. Time limit for each performance is 3-5 minutes.
  2. There will be a pre-elimination round before the final event. 
  3. Final round of selected participants will be held at Pillai campus according to the current situation.
  4. Only Hindi, Marathi & English languages are allowed.
  5. Participants can bring their own instruments if required. 
  6. No instruments will be provided by us. 
  7. Song list must be submitted beforehand. 
  8. Use of karaoke is permissible.